EMEX Teams up with Bobby Garrison for 2011 Worcs Season

4 02 2011

How about this, EMEX has joined forces with Larry Laye Racing (L2R) to sponsor Bobby Garrison for the 2011 Worcs Offroad Racing Series.

I couldn’t believe my ears when i got the call for the opportunity to sponsor Worcs extradinar 2011 #6 Bobby Garrison. I have grown up with

Bobbys older brother and professional freestyle jumper Greg Garrison. When I started this business Bobby was who I wanted to sponsor but due

to his obligations with current sponsors and team deals and the fact that in my first year of business i could not supply the demand of product 

needed to provide Bobby with Graphics for an entire season. So here we are about three years later and we finally got a chance to do something

together and EMEX is in a position to provide Bobby with graphics I jumped at the chance.  So without further adue i would like to introduce to

you the 2011 L2R worcs #6 Bobby Garrison and his One of a kind Custom Designed EMEX Motocross Company  Graphics.




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